Monday, December 31, 2012


Dancehall act, Waconzy is no doubt one of the biggest acts in the garden city. He has been very consistent since he came on to the music scene few years back. His monster hit single , 'I Celebrate' has put him on a global map . Just like every other A-list Nigerian artistes, Waconzy has a lot going for him .
He lives in a comfortable house and cruises around the city in a beautiful car. He also sit atop a multi-millionaaire multi-media outfit, DVX8 Media. However , Waconzy has not be romantically linked with any lady before now,but City People can authoritatively tell you that , he's in hot romance with a student of Telecom University in Ghana, Nelly. Nelly is a Port Harcourt based Nigerian who's schooling in Ghana. They have been dating for long and from the gist reaching us they are so much in love such that they guard each other jealously. Nelly is one of the hottest babes in this Ghana Varsity. She's is popular and dresses to kill. She is sociable and rolls with the big babes in her school. Born Obinna Kelvin Anyanwu, Waconzy was born 10th of August in Port Harcourt city of Nigeria. Waconzy is a blend of two English words, "Wacko" and "Zany" which describes his style of music as Afro-centric by combining Western and African rhythms in creating a marvelous blend of music for all Living Standards Measure (LSM). Waconzy's songs cut across various age, genders and geographical boundaries currently making him one of the most popular and sought after Artists in Africa and beyond.
by Jaypei

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