Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lil Wayne's Energy Is 'Always Up,' Cory Gunz Says 'Regardless if you're writing a verse for somebody else's album, write it like it's for yours,' MC tells MTV News of what he's learned from Weezy.

Long before Charlie Sheen proclaimed he only had one gear ("Go!"), Lil Wayne proved to be a high-octane performer. From his legendary mixtape run that saw the Cash Money rapper release a yacht-load of free material to his song-stealing cameo on DJ Khaled's posse cut "We Takin' Over," Weezy is powered like an Energizer.
It's a lesson that isn't lost on his latest protégé, Bronx rapper Cory Gunz, who guests on Lil Wayne's current banger, the rattling "6 Foot 7 Foot."
"All of his performances, whether it's a video or a live performance, his energy is always the same: It's always up," Gunz told MTV News. "If there's anything that I learned from him, it's definitely to put your heart in it. Regardless if you're writing a verse for somebody else's album, write it like it's for yours."
The upstart MC delivered for his part, with a searing verse on "6 Foot 7 Foot," which, if not song-stealing, is definitely close.
"We went straight to the studio, and Tunes [told me], 'I have something for you to hear,' and it went from there," the son of veteran New York rapper Peter Gunz told MTV News late last year. "[Wayne said], 'We gon' have to attack this.' As soon as I heard it, it was, like, instant. Some beats you hear [or] certain songs you hear in a party ... and they hit you in a certain kind of way, and that's kinda what the beat did. So we sat, and the record is now getting an amazing response. People been messing with the record, so it's dope. I'm happy to be here."
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