Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mom-to-Be Alyssa Milano's Best Advice Yet: "It's Really Hard to Kill A Baby"

Since Alyssa Milano announced she has a baby on board, she's been fielding tons of advice. But one nugget in particular was especially comforting for the mom-to-be.
"It sounds kind of harsh but a friend of the family recently told me it's really hard to kill a baby," she told reporters at last night's Limitless premiere in NYC, "That made me feel much better!"
All kidding aside, Alyssa said she's comparing parenting crib notes with her costar Halle Berry...
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"We had a very nice conversation about being a mother yesterday," she told me of her New Year's Eve castmate—Alyssa and Halle been filming with in the Big Apple, along with Robert De Niro.
And since Alyssa has been busy balancing working with her pregnancy, hubby Dave Bugliari is being especially sweet.
"Yesterday my call was at 5:30 am and the car was picking me up at 4:45 in the morning," she said. "My alarm went off and he got out of bed and went and ran the shower for me."
Sounds like a keeper!
There was obviously no drinking any of the DeLeon tequila flowing freely at the premiere and after party for Alyssa, but she said she's been craving something perfectly healthy so far.
"Broccoli," she confessed of her biggest craving, "I'm so boring!"
Hey, at least eating tons of broccoli will make losing the baby weight a cinch, right?
WATCH: Alyssa and her hubby hit the town in Hollywood

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