Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Five Reasons Two and a Half Men Will Survive

Hours after Charlie Sheen got the ax, Two and a Half Men got whacked: For the first time this year, it was not its night's most-watched show.
But the end is hardly near.
Here's why the hit series will keep winning, if you'll pardon the expression, post-Sheen:
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1. Roseanne's Right: "Anybody can do your job, really," the comic told Sheen in a blog post Monday. Yup, pretty much. Remember Spin City? That city-hall sitcom was all about Michael J. Fox. The man was irreplaceable—until, that is, his health demanded that he be replaced…by Sheen. In the end, the show ran for two more seasons. If anybody, including Sheen, could do Fox's job, then anybody, including Rob Lowe and/or John Stamos, could do Sheen's job.
2. It's About the Show, Not the Sheen, Stupid: Valerie ran longer without its namesake star than it did with her around. (Jason Bateman completeists know the sitcom best as The Hogan Family.) Laverne & Shirley continued minus Shirley as Laverne & Shirley.The Nick at Nite lesson here is, actors come and go, but a show that works sticks. Sorry, Charlie.
3. The Harper Clan Has a Long, Long, Loooong Way to Fall: If Warner Bros. recast Sheen with a houseplant, it could take weeks, if not a few seasons, for TV's most-watched comedy to blow all of its substantial audience. And who knows? Maybe the houseplant would grow on people.
4. Duckie Fans Will Stand by Their Duck: Sheen went one low blow too low on Tuesday when he called Jon Cryer a "turncoat" and one of the "trolls."
5. Two and a Half Men Will Survive Because (Gasp!) the Warlock Planned It That Way…?!  According to TMZ, Sheen is prepared to argue that his Two and a Half Men contract (ex-contract?) guarantees him a paycheck for as long as the show is on the air, regardless of whether he's on the air with it.
Given this, is it beyond belief that a restless Sheen would: (a) go out of his way to get himself fired; and then, (b) go out of his way to transfer any remaining sympathy for his side to his ex-show's side, thereby ensuring the series a long, profitable run—for himself?!
To be honest, the scenario does seem a little well thought out for the mastermind behind Sheen's Korner.
But the first four reasons are solid enough: Two and a Half Men isn't going anywhere.
VIDEO: Unemployed or no, Sheen has a knack for staying in the swing of things

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