Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why Is Paris Happy With Her Hairdo?

First HairTech International sued Paris Hilton. Then Paris countersued. Now the annoying hairball of a lawsuit has been coughed up altogether.
First a recap: last summer, Paris was sued for $35 million by HairTech, a hair-extension company, for allegedly wearing a competitor's fake locks and breaching her contract by skipping promotioal appearances—even though she was in jail at the time. Paris then filed her own complaint, saying the company head was full of BS.
Now the whole thing has been brushed off. Why?
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The company's head, Chris Volek, had complained that Hilton cost the business $6.6 milllion in lost revenue after she was locked up in 2007 and missed the launch party for her name-brand product line.
Hilton, who shot back with her own $1.7 million countersuit, is now celebrating victory. The newly minted 30-year-old issued a statement announcing the company had dropped its suit against her and that that she didn't have to cough up a dime. Volek simply admitted he'd been wrong.
"I am thrilled with this result. It certainly is not unusual for business people to have their disagreements, but I am glad that Chris has acknowledged the hard work and dedication I put into promoting his products," Hilton said in a statement yesterday.
Volek in turn issued a mea culpa:  "I am glad to put this case behind me. The information I received from others and on which I based the lawsuit was not accurate. I only wish the best for Paris and her family. As I have told her many times, Paris is a true professional and invaluable to the promotion of any product she touches."
Looks like it's all been straightened out.
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