Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Actress Empress Njamah Opens Up On Allerged Nude Pictures On The Internet

It came as a shock last week when a photograph of a nude man and woman involved in hot oral sex was being circulated on the internet. 

Though, the face of the female involved was slightly blocked but the rumour mongers took it to town that the lady in the picture was Empress Njamah.

The nude picture has really called for criticism as some believed it was Empress while others believed the lady in the picture didn't have any resemblance with the sultry actress.

While the story was being investigated, we Global Excellence Magazine was said to have called Empress Njamah's number on Saturday, June 18, 2011, but it was her elder brother, Aquila who picked the call and reacted on her behalf. He said: 'Empress is not depressed about the on-going nude picture because she was not the one. The family has advised her not to talk. We have on-going investigation to unravel her enemy behind the false nude picture saga'.

Reacting to the nude scandal picture Empress debunked the story, saying her enemies were at work again trying to pull her down(everybody has pne,lol).

According to the actress, the photograph must have been that of a professional prostitute who posed for photography for a porn site on video.

'Look at the photograph very well, there is a tripod behind and you can also see light. The scene was being recorded as the photograph was taken. Then again, Is it a close up photograph, why would I allow anybody to take my photograph in that mode?' 

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