Sunday, June 19, 2011

JLO Accidentally Flashes Breast On Live TV…May Be Sued For Indecent Exposure

With the way these celebrities are going, bras of different cup sizes may soon go into extinction never to be remembered. Last week, was a story on how Cello-tape has replaced bra to the likes of Lady Gaga and others.

This week, we are seeing another genre of “bra-less” celebrities, who dare come on a live TV programme not properly dressed only to put the blame on their poor and helpless wardrobe.
Jennifer Lopez was on live TV programme in Germany to promote her latest album “Love?” when her unguarded ample bosom popped out. She probably did not realize what happened until after the show.
But the question that comes to mind is that: What is the limit to appropriate dressing, Should she not properly protect her business?
A member of the audience has said that, he is going to press charges against the music star for indecent exposure.
Watch the video below…

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