Sunday, June 19, 2011

British Millionaire Shock Family Members…Wills His Fortunes To Male Servant

The family of late Lord Glenconner, a British millionaire, is currently in distress after a shocking discovery that the late Scottish aristocrat had cut his entire family out of his will and bequeaths it to a male servant.

Shocking discovery came out almost a year after his death that the eccentric millionaire had changed his will seven months before his death, contrary to an agreed arrangement that his estate will be willed over to his 17 year-old grandson.
A disappointed widow, Lady Anne, laments:
‘Unfortunately, he changed his will seven months before he died and not one member of his family was named in this new will — not me, his wife for more than half a century, or any of his  children or grandchildren.’
The beneficiary, Kent Adonai is said to be the one who cared for the late business mogul in his last days, while the family members were more concerned with how to share his properties when his gone.
The family members are now putting pressure on the servant to be civil and leave the property to them.

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