Saturday, June 25, 2011

Janet Jackson, Rihanna and More,Honor Michael Jackson's Legacy

Michael Jackson
Janet JacksonRihanna and other stars headed to Twitter Saturday to remember Michael Jackson on the second anniversary of his tragic death.
On June 25, 2009, the music world and fans of the King of Pop everywhere were shaken by news of his passing, after MORE: Five Shocking Things Heard During the Michael Jackson Manslaughter Hearing
His doctor, Conrad Murray, was later charged with involuntary manslaughter for purportedly administering the powerful sedative. Murray's trial date has been set for September 8.

Despite the many controversies surrounding his life and death, the iconic music star will always be known for his talent, the award-winning music he left behind and the many artists he will continue to inspire for years to come.
Check out what his family and celebrity fans—including a Glee star set to take the stage at Michael's "last intended venue"—had to say:
Janet Jackson: I MISS U. I LUV U.
Rihanna: MJ We miss you, We love you...often imitated, NEVER duplicated!!! You will live on forever!
Big Boi: R.I.P. Michael Jackson... Damn 2 years.
Darren Criss: Two years ago Michael Jackson died and I had JUST moved to LA. Now I'm playing at the O2 in London, his last intended venue. What a trip.
Latoya Jackson: I read a lot of your tweets and a lot of you are so sad, Michael would want you to rejoice his life! Please do so! Rejoice the kings music!
Usher: MJ....REST THE DEAD!! You live on through what you blessed us all with. Your compassion and dedication compels us to be our greatest...URIV
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