Saturday, September 29, 2012


Weeks back, Abuja was jolted with the story of the attempted kidnap of one of the city's well- known and respected Prophets, Bishop Emmanuel Jatau. According to the report,
the Prophet was approaching his Gwarimpa residence, when he sighted an unknown red Toyota car parked almost directly in front of his gate with all the 4 doors widely opened and loud music coming out of it, with 4 young men inside. They however left after he had sent his boys to inquire about their mission. In his report to the Police, Prophet Jatau also disclosed how, shortly after, he decided to pay a visit to someone who had been on admission at the National Hospital in Abuja and amazement, as soon as he drove out of his house to the adjoining street, he noticed the same red car that had parked in front of the house earlier following him. He further disclosed that after seeing what had happened, he quickly made a U-turn and took another direction and made his way to the National Hospital. Unknown to him, they were still trailing him from a distance. By the time he left the hospital, he noticed the same red car in front of him. This time, there was another white car with a police corporal sitting in front of it. Though he maneuvered and overtook them, but they trailed until he got to a point along Kado Estate, BANEX PLAZA intersection where they overtook him, blocked his car and started shooting into the air. From there they took over the driving shoving him into the back seat. After attempts to open his car boot failed, they made him to sit at the back with one of their men beside him while another sat in front with the other driving. Because of the way they pressed his head down he was not able to get the direction they headed until one of them told him they had paid a ransome on his head and that someone wanted him alive or dead. At that point they were taken aback because he just said ok. However, he disclosed that the story changed when one of them in front asked for his phones and he disclosed that his phones and money in local and foreign currencies had been taken by a member of the gang. From there, they started arguing with themselves, and even stopped the jeep. As the argument continued, they ordered him to get down from the car and while they were still arguing, an oncoming car's headlamps caught them as they were on the road. Because the car packed, they suspected it was the Police and they zoomed off, leaving him. Meanwhile the other vehicle also sensing danger zoomed off. Eventually he escaped ad was able to get home around midnight after which he contacted the installers of the car tracking device on the car. Curiously, the car was tracked and demobilized along Keffi road, despite the fact that he was abandoned along Kaduna road. By the time the police went there to recover the vehicle, the members of the gang allegedly engaged the police on a shoot out which in the process left the jeep bullet ridden. Prophet Jatau has been one of the most vociferous Prophets in the city in the last couple of years with some of his prophesies drawing the wrath of people in government and even leaders of C.A.N. who even had to write him to tell him to stop reeling out his prophesies.
by Jaypei

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